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It seems like these days everyone is going digital. Social media and instant online messaging are quickly replacing face-to-face conversations. However, business networking is still alive and going strong creating a never-ending demand for name cards. Fast Cheetahs is one of the leaders in business cards printing in Singapore. Why? Because we are quick, reliable, skillful, meticulous, and creative. Our specialists are not afraid of a challenge. You can throw any last-minute project at us and rest assured that it will be done on time and in the highest possible quality. Have you completely run out of name cards right before an important conference, seminar or business meeting? No problem! Beating deadlines is our specialty. Fast Cheetahs provides top-notch card printing services in Singapore that includes designing and creating your name cards in the shortest time.

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5 reasons why you need business cards

  • Not everyone has digital devices

    Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t own a smartphone. There are also some who don’t use a computer on a regular basis. So if you don’t have physical name cards to hand out, you are losing a whole bunch of perspective clients and partners. We know that time is money which is why we offer fast name card printing in Singapore.

  • Digital networking is impersonal

    Out of sight, out of mind. Once your contact information is typed into somebody’s device, it easily gets lost in an array of email addresses and mobile phone numbers. Stand out from the competition and give your potential leads something to hold on to by handing them a name card. Do you have an urgent meeting? We provide express name card printing in Singapore!

  • Business cards help make a powerful first impression

    An original name card is more likely to stick in the person’s memory. Get creative with design and content to make sure you make a positive first impression of your company. Don’t give into temptation to order affordable name card printing services! Fast Cheetahs offer custom-made solutions at a reasonable price.

  • Business cards work even when you don’t

    When you give out your name card, you set off a dynamic marketing mechanism also known as word of mouth. A person who might not be interested in your services at the moment might give your card to somebody else in need.

  • Name cards make you look more professional

    Writing your contacts on a napkin or a stray piece of paper is a bad move that makes you look sloppy and unprofessional. Hire the best card printing services in Singapore and never show up to a meeting unprepared ever again!

Why you should choose Fast Cheetahs

If you are looking for fast name card printing in Singapore, search no more! We strive to combine impeccable service with affordable price to make sure you get the best results for the sum you payed. Contact us anytime to get a quote on your project.

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