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From name card printing to book binding and laminating IDs – no task is too small for us. Weknow that the truth is in the details, which is why our team is ready to give your printedmaterials that much-needed finishing touch. Do you need neatly bent table tent cards? Yourcertificates need laminating? Looking for a company that does badge printing in Singapore? Wehave got you covered!

print experts in Singapore


printing services for business

For business

BannersPostersPlan Printing/CAD PlottingBrochures and FlyersName CardsLetterheads
printing services for events

For events

Meeting/Training/SeminarCertificatesTable Tent CardsBindingBooklets
printing service for everyone

For everyone

Digital Colour PrintingOffset Colour PrintingColour PhotocopyingLarge Format PrintingLamination
Binding services

Binding services

Your meeting or seminar program materials will look more organized if you bind them together. This wayyouraudience won’t lose any important part of information and will easily keep up with the speaker withoutwasting any precious time on finding the right page. We offer book binding service of the followingtypes:

plastic bookbinding


wire bookbinding


thermal bookbinding


perfect bookbinding

Perfect binding

saddle stitch bookbinding


Make sure your training program materials are in perfect order and convenient to flip through.
Click here, if you also need to print banners for your conferenceor seminar.

cad plotting services
Laminating services

Laminating services

Save your documents and meeting program materials from unexpected smudging, soiling, spilling ortearing. Lamination is a process of coating paper with a thin layer of plastic. Plastic can havea glossy, matt or silky finish.

Lamination is the best way to preserve materials that are either very important or are in dailyuse and prone to tearing. Some information for general use is better fit on a poster.

We offer full-colour poster printing services for anyoccasion.

CAD plottingservices

CAD plotting services

If you need to print your plans and vector graphics, there is no one who can do it better thanus! Fast Cheetahs offers plan printing services at affordable prices. We are fast and precise.Trust us with your architectural plans and designs created in AutoCAD and you won’t regret it.Also, take a look at our large format printing services.

large format printing

Colour photocopy services

It often happens that you urgently need photocopies and there is no printing company anywhere insight. Instead of wandering the streets, just give us a call at

You can count on us to be quick and responsible with your order. We will do the job in minimumtime and deliver the copies wherever you need them.Click here to find out how we can help you design and printbrochures for yourbusiness.

Letterhead printing services

Do you want your work correspondence to look more efficient? Nothing screams “professional” morethan business letterhead. It usually contains your name, address, and company logo.

The more creative and colourful your personalized letterhead is, the more credibility yourcompany will have among partners and clients. Something as simple as a letterhead can generatemore sales and boost your profit.Check out our full-colour printing services to find out more!

letterhead printing
letterhead printing services

Why should you choose Fast Cheetahs?

Fast Cheetahs benefits
  • We are quick and dependable
  • We provide impeccable customer service
  • We accept most image formats on most media storage devices
  • We offer a wide range of printing services - from tiny name cards tolarge banners
  • We keep the prices low and affordable

You can share your mediawith us via:

  • Email
  • CD / DVD
  • USB Thumb Drive Portable
  • Hard Drive
  • Handphone Memory Card
  • Camera Memory Card

Acceptable media formats:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Publisher
  • PDF
  • jpeg, eps, png, tiff
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Macromedia Freehand
acceptable media formats for printing
acceptable media formats for printing