Large Format

Printing in Singapore

At Fast Cheetahs, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a broad range of large format printing services. If you need to print giant posters, canvas prints, banners or large-scale photos, we can help.

Our printing company uses high-speed digital technology to ensure a super-fast turnaround. As printing experts say, when it comes to showing off photos, bigger is better. We offer poster prints in a variety of sizes, accommodating to all your unique requirements. Whether you are looking for A0, A1 or A2 photo printing, we’ve got you covered.

With durable materials, vibrant colours, high resolution, and custom finishes you can count on an eye-appealing, large format piece. We pride ourselves on quality customer service. As practice shows, our expertise in printing and graphic arts helps every project succeed and reach new heights.

large format printing

Turn Your Best Photos into Frame-Worthy Poster Prints

Preserve your precious memories with poster prints from Fast Cheetahs. Images can be enlarged up to A0 for poster size prints of your favorite photos. Large poster prints will help you and your loved ones enjoy greater detail and vivid colour reproduction to the fullest. Poster prints can also be the ideal option for those individuals who want to please their friends with a Birthday poster.

Different types of businesses can benefit from our large printing services as well. A0 printing in Singapore can be used for any special event, including presentation, trade show, sporting event or grand opening. Our digital poster prints and photo prints are crafted using top-notch photo paper. No need to worry that your photos will be printed on flimsy paper that can easily rip. When choosing our large format printing services, you can be sure your photo enlargement will be printed on high-quality surface that will bring your images to life.

All of our prints are created using the best large format printers on the market. When selecting our large printing services, you can rest assured that you’re going to get a good deal. Our digital poster printing technology will provide you with vibrant colours, fantastic detail and large format poster print sizes you will not find anywhere else!

Large Photo Printing in Singapore

It has been proven that a lot of small businesses can benefit from wide-format printing capabilities. Just imagine, what could be more compelling to your prospects than quality, bold images of people enjoying your services or products? Large-format graphics can also go a long way in tying your retail space together.

These days, creating custom poster is easier than ever before. Just select the photo you would like to print and specify your requirements. It’s up to you to decide on the size and paper type. You can choose between ?0, ?2 and ?1 printing options. Once you have decided on the size of the poster, wait for your beautiful wall art to get printed. We are renowned for our expertise in producing top-quality photographic images onto superior graphic materials, including matt, gloss and semi-gloss finish.

large format printing services in Singapore