Fast Cheetahs: Quick printing in Singapore

Many small business owners consider brochures to be an unnecessary paper waste when in fact customers are more likely to trust something written in print than on the computer screen. The thing is, the Internet is flooded with unverified information that has very low credibility. Fast Cheetahs offers modern and creative brochure printing services that will help your brand become more recognizable and trustworthy. No one in Singapore can do it faster than us!

What is a brochure?

It is a paper marketing material that contains comprehensive information most often used for advertising. It is usually folded to minimize the space and maximize the utility. There are different types of brochures:

  • Flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Handouts
  • Pamphlets
  • Leave-behinds

How to create a brochure?

  1. Decide on the message you want to convey with your marketing materials. Don’t try to cover all at once. Your information package should be brief and on point.
  2. Write a good copy keeping your sentences short, comprehensive, and uncomplicated. Focus on the highlights of your business and don’t forget to include a call to action.
  3. Select imagery that perfectly fits your message and add your company’s logo.
  4. Place an order for fast brochure printing at Our creative team is going to help you figure out the best design and layout.
  5. Pick up your freshly-printed brochures in the shortest time!

Color brochure printing

There is nothing like bright, vibrant colors to instantly grab the customers’ attention. We use high-quality dyes to make sure your brochures are flashy and eye-catching.

How to choose the right size for a brochure?

When it comes to brochure sizes, the bigger you go, the more space you have to spread your message, but it will also cost more. If you don’t have a lot to write or you just need a brief informational support for one of your products, it is better to choose the smaller size.

A4 brochure printing

This is one of the most popular brochure sizes. It is also the most popular paper format in the world which makes it familiar to the majority of your potential customers. An A4 brochure is usually a folded A3 page.

A5 brochure printing

A5 is the second most favored brochure size. It is made of an A4 page folded in half. A5 format is handy and compact. However, its small size does not allow to fit a lot of information or big pictures. So if your main objective is to showcase the visuals, we recommend selecting the bigger size.

Do you need brochure printing services?

The short answer is YES! Give your customers an opportunity to unplug from the media and actually have something to read, flip through or make notes on. The human brain is wired to remember written information better, so your clients are more likely to recall the brochure they made notes on than something they glanced at on the internet. Make sure your customers never leave you empty-handed!